Guide to Operational Risk and Compliance Risk in Financial Services

Learn more about operational risk management and compliance best practices in the financial services industry.

CENTRL Announces Tiered & Prepackaged ODD Solutions For the Industry

CENTRL first to offer transparent pricing for investment management teams of different sizes

Best Practices for Investing in Due Diligence Software

Explore the benefits of due diligence technology and why it is invaluable in modern-day due diligence and investment workflows.

What Are the Top Operational Risks for the Investment Management Industry?

Discover the top operational risk for the Investment Management industry and how ODD360 can help you manage them.

Operational Due Diligence for Crypto Investing

While operational due diligence is critical for all alternative investments, there are some additional steps that must be incorporated with evaluating cryptocurrency.

Why You Should Digitize Your Due Diligence Data and Document Collection

In this article, we share how digitization and automation can empower you to collect due diligence data more efficiently, improve risk assessments, and maximize returns.

5 Ways to Use Data to Improve Your Due Diligence Strategy

Discover how data can be leveraged to improve your due diligence strategy.

Build vs. Buy Guide for Risk and Due Diligence Platforms

Here, we share the process we use to help clients determine whether they should build a risk and due diligence platform in house, or purchase software.

Operational Due Diligence Best Practices: A Checklist

Learn the importance of operational due diligence and how it can effectively assess investment risk, increase transparency, and ensure that a potential investment.

The Top 3 Trends in Operational Due Diligence to Watch For in 2022

Learn about the state of ODD this past year, technological advancements, and top trends operational due diligence professionals should watch for in 2022.

Conducting Operational Due Diligence in a Remote World

COVID-19 has changed the way operational due diligence is conducted. In this blog, learn some of the solutions to counter challenges that may arise in a remote world.

How Operational Due Diligence Has Changed Forever

Operational due diligence, like many aspects of the business world, has changed due to the pandemic. This blog explores what we can expect moving forward.

Lack of ODD Led to Failure to Identify Losses at Archegos

Failure to invest in operational due diligence can lead to more than just a feeling that something is missing. Heavy losses sustained by banks in the Archegos story are a cautionary tale about due diligence.

ODD360 Helps Architas Streamline and Scale Operational Due Diligence

Learn how Architas achieved 85% cost savings over the previous ODD approach and became 5x more efficient with internal reporting and audit requirements and reduced risk with the help of CENTRL's ODD360.

The Antidote to Costly, Labor Intensive Operational Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence is an important process, no matter the scale of your business. Learn why ODD matters and our tips for optimizing your company’s ODD processes.

The Future of Operational Due Diligence (ODD) Automation: A Framework For the Next Gen Platform

Are you in the performing operational due diligence, or facing challenges with your ODD operations? Here are some keys to understanding and updating the process.

What is Operational Due Diligence?

Learn just what is operational due diligence, who initiates it, it's key objectives, main steps, and some frequently asked questions about it.

Infographic - How your peers are saving 50% of time spent on ODD processes

With ODD360 — a SaaS solution built by industry experts — firms are boosting their operational efficiency and saving time spent on manual processes.

Value of Automating your Due Diligence Process

Diligence, by definition has to be done accurately. Its management needs to be more than accurate, it needs to be efficient, too.

Due Diligence Best Practices

If your job is to conduct due diligence - whether into a real-estate property, an investment fund, or a borrower - then you are well aware of the manual steps that can bog down the process.

Infographic - 6 ways ODD360 can boost your operational efficiency

Are you investing more on manual power to analyze DDQs and assess risks? Experience a superior Operational Due Diligence process with ODD360.

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